Sam + Ian {Wedding}

Sam and Ian’s wedding was so much fun to capture. The camp atmosphere was complimented by the couple’s relaxed and fun personalities. It was such an honor to work with a fellow (now) husband and wife wedding photography team. Their love and camaraderie is undeniable in the images we captured. We hope you enjoy viewing the beautiful details and raw emotions as much as we did.

Congrats again to the “Amisan” team!

Sam + Ian Wedding-5235.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding--4.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding-5261 reception2.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding-5400.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding_Dress.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding-.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding--Groom1.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding--19.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding--21.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding--bride3.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding--bride2.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding--20.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding--bride1.jpg

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vp_Sam + Ian Wedding--bridesmaids.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding--5.jpg

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Sam + Ian Wedding--36.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding--b_g2.jpg

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Sam + Ian Wedding--35.jpg

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Sam + Ian Wedding--37.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding--ceremony1.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding-6171.jpg

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Sam + Ian Wedding--44.jpg

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Sam + Ian Wedding--50.jpg

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vp_Sam + Ian Wedding-reception1.jpg

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Sam + Ian Wedding-5570.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding-5569.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding-6565.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding-reception3.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding-6661.jpg

Sam + Ian Wedding-6720.jpg

vp_Sam + Ian Wedding-slim1.jpg

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